Monday, January 12, 2009

Mon amour de langue française!!

J'aime la langue française. D'une manière ou d'une autre c'est une vraiment belle langue avec un beau son à lui. Bien que je sais le français seulement à l'étendue de Tours de Malory du Blyton d'Enid et à la collection de St.Clare, d'une manière ou d'une autre j'aime juste cette langue. La façon que les mots sont prononcés en français est simplement si agréable pour entendre. beau ! ! !

Translating to English...

[I love the french language..Somehow it's a really beautiful language with a beautiful sound to it..Although I know french only to the extent of Enid Blyton's Malory Towers and St.Clare's series, somehow I just love this language..The way the words are pronounced in french is simply so nice to beautiful!!!]

Ah...What fun!!I don't even know a phrase in French..Then, how did I manage to get a whole para in french??Well I got the translation done from here...Dunno how perfect it is!!

My encounters with french were very brief..As I had mentioned earlier, I came to know of few words of french from Enid Blyton's Malory Towers and St.Clare's series..And then at school, we were given an option for our second language..Tamil, Hindi, French or Sanskrit..I love my mother tongue, Tamil!!Now that would be a separate post in love for Tamil..Let it come up some other time..Now lets just stick to french..So yeah..I wanted to take french or Tamil so badly...But alas my fate rested with Hindi..Well, speaking of Hindi..I hate it!!I simply hate Hindi..My love for Tamil is inversely proportional to my love for Hindi!!Oh good lord I don't even want to use the words "love" and "Hindi" in the same sentence..Okay, my dislike for Hindi is also a separate post in itself..So lets just concentrate on french as of now..Since my dad had always had the possibility of getting transferred to a Hindi-speaking state, I was made to undergo the torture of learning Hindi right from 2nd grade..Man..I hated it!!Big time..Oh there I go..I keep drifting away from french yet again..Anyways I never got the opportunity to read french although I must say, when I used to look at the french books, it used to actually freak me out..Well, my school life got over with "no learning of french"...I do remember back in 10th grade hols, me and Shwe had these big plans of going to Alliance française and doing a course on French..But well the plan never materialised..I have decided that someday I'll definitely learn french..learn to speak it!!!

Anyways, this sudden post on my love for french was kindled by one of my good friend, CC...CC aka Chubby cheeks has recently started blogging with an attitude of "Blogging, here I come"[Man..I'm so proud of myself..I inspired her too!!!or rather pestered her;)] and well the very title of her blog is so french french- c'est la vie!!

So yeah, this is a post inspired by a post!!Lots of inspiration going around....


  1. ahh sowmi thanks!!..indeed ur inspiration re!! nd gud post re!! din know ur wer so much intrestd n learnin french!!

  2. Thanks to you, I must say!!!And well yeah very much interested in french re!!

  3. hey machi....i din know either!!n ya shwe c u ve bcum an inspiriation for sowmi to write a post...keep writin both of ya!!!love!!


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