Thursday, January 1, 2009

A year of emotions...

The other day me and ma colleague were talking about the year 2008 and he jus commented that his year was a great one for him and that's when I wondered about how my year was.

And well, after that I read
Kutty Ma's post in her blog and that's when I decided I should write about my year too!!

Some worthy and not-so-worthy things that happened in this year:
1) Exploring relationship and taking it to new heights - Which had its series of crazy moments, fun-filled times, happiness, suprises, fights, make-ups, understanding, reaching to emotions and what not!!
2) Meeting Niti and Binal - Two people who made me feel so comfy in their presence and who could put up with my nonsense.
3) Learning more in tax - Makes me pretty much confident in handling it now..
4) The number of outings to Chennai - It was awesome and always makes me ask for more!!
5) Making and breaking bonds
6) Going through numerous emotions - Love, hate, disappointment, Suprises, heart-breaks, tears, laughter, freaking out, loathing, understanding, jealousy, break downs, dedication, committment, sincerity, true love, care, concern, attitude change, learning and still learning....
7) Reliance mobile - Investment of the year!!
8) Juggling with PCC and Articleship
9) Maintaining the cool at home..and yeah losing it at times too..
10) Solving so many complex issues or just breaking my head over it
11) Meeting new people and gaping in horror or at awe at them!!
12) Learning to love myself and lose my inhibitions - If not for you....
13) Trying hard at reduing temper and still trying so..
14) Made mature decisions..

And there are so much more I suppose...

All I could possibly say was 2008 was "a year of emotions"....A worthy phase of life where I learnt, thought, implemented, understood and gladly accepted that the learing never ceases!!
Happy new year one and all!!Let the new year be as enlightening as possible for you!!


  1. hope '09 be another rocking year. happy new year.

  2. WOW!!this one hw much u ve grown as a person over an year....keep goin!!all d best n wishin loadsa success ,luck n gud health this year!!love!!

  3. Hey,Just stepped in to your blog and look what I chose to read!! It was quite brilliant what you had mentioned in point 6.

    I'll finish reading your blog today!

    Cheers! :)


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