Friday, January 9, 2009

Today is January 9, 2009

As I had mentioned in my previous post, today, that is January 9, 2009, marks 1 year of me stepping into blogosphere!!So I just thought I'll write something...

Hmmm...What to write about??Alright probably I should share whatever happened in this one year blogging time.

I came to know of this stuff called blogging when I used to hear my uncle and aunt talk about my
cousin sis's blog. She is this awesome blogger who is damn good at writing!!!Also, I had a friend in school named Vishnupriya who used to be a blogger.So even before I started out as a blogger, I used to read these two people's blog. That was it. I had no intention of becoming a blogger myself. That's when a closed one of mine introduced me to his cousin sister's blog, that is, Prithz. When I started reading Prithz's blog, I was so inspired by it that I decided to write as well. And so began my venture into blogging on January 9, 2008. From Vishnu, I came across this wonderful service of Google called Google reader. Reader helps you to have access to all the updates of your favourite blogs. It's basically a blog bookmark, I would say. And so lo, anytime I came across an awesome blog, it went right into my reader. I came to know of many such blogs from prithz' blog .In this way, I caught up with two other wonderful bloggers-The Mask and twisted DNA(affectionately called "TD").The Mask has the specialty of really interesting stories, funny dialogue conversations and his take on the real world whereas TD just tickled my funny bone so much so that there were days when I used to start coughing badly after laughing my heart out. Even now, the first name that comes up when anybody asks about blogs is that of TD's.And then there is my aunt and another cousin sis of mine who became a part of Google reader too. Recently, via Vishnu's blog, I found Everyone's entitled to my opinion-Yet another interesting person with neat posts. Initially when I started out, I let out posts at a very good frequency. But I had this huge problem of using SMS lingo. Man, we are so used to messaging and SMS lingo that it was so tough adapting back to regular and proper English. I didn't even realise that I was writing in a lingo that most people would wonder what I'm actually scribbling there. My aunt brought me into place there. It was she who told me to have a look about it. And yes, I’m proud to say I've worked upon it and this very post is an evidence for it. Well yeah back to what I wanted to say. This really bubbling interest of mine got reduced really soon. As time passed by, the lack of time and the content feeling of just reading other's blog took over and I just stopped posting. Just became a regular commenter of all my favourites!!Very recently, as I had mentioned in my previous post, few friends of mine took up blogging after I kept on nudging them to do it. Seeing these people write, brought me back into place and that's when I decided that I should be writing stuffs into my blog too. And that's how right from the start of the year, I have put up posts like there's no tomorrow. And well there's nothing left to say more. That’s all it. Purpose of post served.

Well, I take this moment to share Pal's blog- a friend of mine. This guy is so damn philosophical and writes great poems. Must look out blog I would say!!!

Alright people! Happy 1 year blogging to me!!


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  1. Congratulations on completeing one year in blogosphere! Actually I couldn't recognize your blog at first glance for the past few weeks and had to check up the title once again in my Google Reader! The language is so far above the SMS lingo- in fact, you have the mark of a very good writer. Good show! Keep it up!


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