Monday, January 5, 2009

A year gone...

Well well I can't believe this...Come January 9, 2008 and I've been in touch with my blogging side for a year.Yay!!!Now that calls for a celebration!!

I haven't been a good blogger now.Barely 21 posts in one year and now that sucks man!!Big tym!!I think by the time I celebrate the second year anniversary, I should be a blogger who maintains a good frequency!!I hope

Now,as I had mentioned in my very first post, Prithz was my inspiration to start writing a blog. And I'm really proud to announce that I've inspired a few too.So let me bring in the newbies who have started giving out the best posts already!!

Kutty Ma, Ashy, Raki and Raki yet again are these newbies and yeah encourage them people!!

Kutty Ma and Ashy's are daily rants, thoughts and all crazy stuffs!!

Raki has two blogs-One dedicated to poems and another dedicated to his words!!

Check it out, guys!!I hope they aren't inspired by me a lot in the frequency sense too..

Alright guys,keep the good work flowing!!!!!Luv...

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  1. waitin to c loads of new ones frm you!!keep bloggin mentor!!!luv!!!


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