Sunday, January 4, 2009

To whomsoever it may concern...


"This is an age where one tends to get carried away..This is the time when you have to show what you are actually made of...Stand up against the hormones and face the world with "I can do it" attitude..And just remember, never ever do something that you may have to regret later!!"

"An angel you are..An angel I want you to remain..Beauty and charm lies inside..And in the long run, that is what people see..Show them who you are inside.."

"Immaturity defines you..You are still being a kid who has just entered his/her teen age..You have begin to learn how your reactions affect people..People who love you unconditionally are hard to get...Don't lose them"

"Patience and tolerance that you show amazes everyone I know...But just be careful that one day you might not want to lose patience on yourself or is unable to tolerate your very own behaviour..You know what you are worthy of..Be proud of yourself.."

"It's a battle betweem your heart and your mind...Face it strong, keep your emotions under check and you'll emerge out a winner..The bonds that you formed are the bonds that will stay.."

"You are a gem of a person...Your love fascinates one and all..The beholder holds you proudly...Know why she's proud of you..You might learn things about yourself that you never thought you were.."

"You are a living example for others...But how do you feel about yourself?Aren't you still searching for answers?"

"You are ever welcome..and I hope you realise that..You are always a part of our joys and sorrows.."

"Long lost you are...But you are someone whom I was always curious about.."

"You are one person whom I feel knows what he wants MOST of the time..You do tend to make mistakes...Admitting it would make you grow more than you want to.."

"This is more like advicing myself..And that's because of who you are..Know the people around you and understand as to why they are there for you..You'll have your peace of mind"

"Your life-style is not ma cuppa tea...I jus't want ya to look back and tell me if you'll be ever happy with your past in future?"

"Being with you is full of fun and frolic..But just remember that people just don't look for fun and frolic in friends..They look out for other characteristics as well!!"


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