Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy birthday,Shwe!!!

This beautiful lady in the picture celebrates her birthday tomorrow..Wonderin who she's?Shwetha aka shwe,my cousin and my ever best friend..Someone who knows me totally...After all 18 yrs of togetherness does bring about that..I've never told her how much she means to me..But on her 18th birthday,I would love to say a few words about her..

We were the "kutty kids" of our family and so we almost always stuck together..People were amazed at the amount of "talking" we used to do even as kids..Our families stayed at different places and so meeting her was an "annual holidays affair"..But man how much fun we used to have..Stays barely longed for a period of 5-10 days..But we definitely got the best out of it..I still remember the amount of joy I used to feel at the prospect of meeting her and all those dramas I used to do when the time for "goodbyes" came up..I used to pretend like I slept off,beg with mom to take shwe along with us and what not..She was/is/will be the best companion I could ever get..We had our own circle of friends but "me-shwe" was a different bond altogether...What made the difference?Was it bcoz she was my cousin?Was it bcoz of the amount of comfort and ease we had or was it bcoz she was she?I still dunno..As times passes,our bond strengthens more..She's one person who I could keep talkin to forever!!!We would meet after months and lo,der we go...blah blah blah ensued..chit chatting all our way...I love spending time with her and to think of all the kd things we did,still makes me laugh so much..Unforgettable and Unmentionable too!!;)..She's a great person-The amount of tolerance and patience,the way she used to listen,tease,criticize,advice,talk and so on..She has a unique knack for things..A wonderful secret-keeper,trustworthy person,loving,caring,witty,sensible and sensitive...I cant go short for words..Shwe has been terrific thruout!!Her cool-headedness and down to earth nature is simply amazin!!I've never seen her worry about something..She always seemed to know what the problem is and how to handle it..Her generous and care-for-all nature marks her character completely..I've never worried about not having many relatives in my age group and that's all bcoz of Shwe..She's alwayz seen to that the void is been filled completely...She has been a huge support for me and she will continue to be!!There's so much more to tell about her but I propose to keep this post short...So yeah..Happy birthday,Shwe!!!You are simply great!!


  1. Lovely post! Being the terrific blogger that you are, why don't you ask your Mom too, to join the cyberspace? Starting with IM first!

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  3. Happy birthday to Shwe! Its awesome to have someone like that in your family. Someone to always fall back at, no matter what. I'm glad I have someone like that in my family too. :)

  4. @ Bharathis
    Thank you and yeah will rope in mom soon!!

    Yeah seriously and its indeed "special" to have sum1 lyk tat;)

    I meant for ya!!


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