Friday, April 11, 2008

Why do decisions hit so hard on emotions??

When was the last time you were forced to take a decision? You knew you had to take that decision but you just kept postponing it and suddenly the day comes where you jus can’t keep it pending anymore. There would have been times when you dint listen to friends or family who insisted you to take such a decision. You would have just said “yeah fine…Lets c...”…Does God think its high time you take that decision? Isn’t it so hard to do something like this? You are standing there trying to choose or decide between present happiness and future happiness. You are so unfortunate enough to not have them both. Its just one of them and you are told or rather forced to take it then and there. What would you do then? Would you forsake your present happiness or sacrifice future happiness? They say its now or never…They say live like there’s no tomorrow. But then does it all really apply in real life? And isn’t it even more worse when you know your decision is going to have a huge impact in someone else’s life also…or probably lives…How do you decide what’s it you want? How do you decide what to decide? When a decision itself involves decisions…To make things worser, you are caught in a situation where if you don’t make the right choice you are going to regret…badly…Why is current happiness always sweeter and more enjoyable than future happiness? Is it because current happiness is something that you are clearly experiencing? Is it because you are just unsure of future? If current happiness should keep you happy then why are you so confused and unhappy now? Does it indirectly mean you should choose future happiness? Why does confusion exist for heaven’s sake? It makes the already tough process even tougher or worser.How do you know you have taken the right decision? Why should certain decisions hit so hard on emotions?


  1. from the about me section i wont be taking you as a stranger nor a girl..u will be just a fine human being for me..

    from ur post i can see u never want to hurt anybody and tats itself makes u a respectable human being..

    i got this mail (from some1 i dnt remember his name) and it says that njoy ur this day 11th april the most or give ur best shot on 11th april 2008, coz 11th april once gone will never come think bout it ....

    ya its true one has to think bout his future but thinking itself is an can never predict how ones future will be....

    so dont waste ur beautiful 11th april thinking bout future..

    okay this was a long one...i hardly says all this as i feel i dont sound good with serious talks....

    cheers and njoy.

  2. i know its easy on my part to say this but i'd still say it...just take the decisions tat will do good to u right now....the future will take care of itself...:)

  3. @ nirmal
    "ya its true one has to think bout his future but thinking itself is an can never predict how ones future will be"

    very true...i keep sayin that bt i fail to practise wt i preach...tat was encouraging..thnx!!!

    @ pj
    short yet meaningful..its so nice to c sum1 so confident..*touchwood*;)


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