Wednesday, January 9, 2008


As u all cn see,this is ma first eva post and I have decided that I would dedicate the first post of mine to few noteworthy ppl!!So yeah guess ma beloved prema athai would get the credit first!!It was back in 2003..Athai is a very much tech-savvy and enthu person and if u be at her place n hang out wid her,u r sure to learn sth or the other..U must be wonderin why i wanna thank her now...Well she was the person who taught me how to access net and mails n stuffs..pretty much the myt seem so simple n silly bt back then it was jus too mucha complicated stuff for someone like me(wts the opp of tech-savvy nw?) ..If it was nt for her,I would still be writin this blog(no worries!!!) and I myt have learned on ma own,but wtd d big deal is tat ma start towards d virtual word was flagged by ma athai..

Well secondly it wud tats quite easy to guess i spose...He got me the PC yaar...cmon!!!So yes if nt for dad i wudn be so virtual as I'm now n guess it wud be unfair if i dn thank mom..if not for her convincing and assurance,Dad would have never ever made the move..Shd thank the markets for this kinda attitude from mom!!!

And then it cud b ma bro i spose..Though I dn tink he wud wish to be thanked for wt am gonna say..I'm wt i am in tis virtual stuff..n its all bcoz of ma bro..If not for him(Now..I do use this phrase a lot bt no,i dn use it so damn often usually bt well i guess d post demands it) yeah If not for him,or rather if nt for his absence,I would have never had a chance to experiment with comps or work out the trial n error process..He,being the usual bossy elder bro never ever let me touch any of the comp-related stuff or for that matter, was always "his" work ground n then if he pities he myt pass it on to me..So yes ma knowledge was alwaz limited to wt ma bro allowed me to do UNTIL he had to move out to hostel wen i was in ma 9th std..Tat was the most borin yet good tyms of ma lyf..though I had to miss all the sibling rivalry n his mere presence at home,I did enjoy d new found freedom to d possible extent..Alryt to cut a long story,ma bro's absence gave me an opportunity to learn "new" things abt d comp or rather the internet..So yes thanks to him...

Okay okay chillax guys...I kno u r fed up..Tis is d last...No worries!!!So yeah last bt not least,I would luv to thanks prithz...prithz is ma very close fren's sis..She's a blogger too n I must say she's jus too good!!!Infact it was she or rather her blog which inspired me to strt bloggin..Her blog come under this "Must check" category...atleast for me!!!I was so turned on by d posts in her blog tat i actually saved her entire blog into ma PDA, so that I could carry her wonderful work till ma bedroom...Very Impressive work full of mixed emotions!!!She myt nt even know wt kinda impact she has created on me..So yes prithz thanks to you..

So yeah der ends ma first post...I have thanked all d ppl I want to n I must say I'm content in some sorta way..Writing does give one some kinda satisfaction...probably I wud never even thank these ppl in reality..It myt nt seem a big deal..Okay I guess I reached ma "highly crazy" mood...Being at work,I tend to..I wanna go home now bt i jus cant...cha!!!So I'll jus stop blabberin more..N yeah wud come up wid a better post next tym!!!

1)Yes that "thank you" image goes to all u guys too!!!and it was taken from
2)Though tis myt seem totally irrelevant to this post,I jus wanted to say this-U know one of the reason y i chose to write a blog is bcoz I wanna break dis popular myth tat der r certain skills needed to write a blog...for instance ppl think tat only if u have good English language skills,u can write blogs...Trust me,ppl actually tink tat way..So yeah I dn have "great" english skill or any other special "bloggin" skill...yeah probably I have one...I jus wanna voice the way I perceive lyf...Isnt tat enuf guys???


  1. hey..u showed da beauty of our hyd..looved ur blog..

    keep da gud wrk ging..


  2. Hey pawan thnx hey do post tis comment for d relevant post na..u have posted d comment for the city dedicated to love post in thanksgivin post...tats y...n am so glad to c somehow who loves d place dey live in..

  3. Hi Sowmi,

    Thanks for the compliments:-)
    You write quite well-though in another language(?!), as you said!

    -Prema Athai

  4. Hi athai,
    You are welcome..and yeah I'll try writing English gradually;)


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