Friday, January 11, 2008

Taare Zameen Par-Movie Review

If u r someone who's plannin to read the review of taare zameen par n then watch the movie,then u must be a confirmed idiot...

Jus go watch it...

One movie which jus cant be reviewed!!!

A critic's challenge....


  1. Tarre Zameen Par was a script written by Amol Gupte and sent to Aamir some months back and Aamir found out this script to be interesting . Aamir khan also said that amol made a research on children for this script an said that this script was quite informative on child cycology..
    But there was a controversy which surrounded the movie’s direction department . It is said that amol was determinant in directing the movie but some differences cropped up between Amir and Amol Gupte and Aamir said to be backing off if Amol was adamant on his direction. Amir is said to be the producer and actor in this film. But it said by Amir that these differences were sorted out and Amol gupte gave the direction chances to amir . but amir also quoted saying that he has worked with many directors in his film career. But his experience with the Gupte was very much appreciable as amol is said to be very much creative. And amir also confirmed that this creative ideas of Amol gupte helped him a lot in the films direction.

    Aamir when asked why he takes a lot of gap between his next films said that he likes to be involved with the character and like to prepare well for the film. It is known that amir last appeared in “Rang de Basanti” last year and also he came up with the film “Fanna” at the ending of the year 2006. Now it is said to be that he will be coming on to the silver screen after the gap of 14th months.(Read More below)

    Aamir Khan even said that he does not likes to dance n stage and is always said to be away from all the functions and awards. He says that he believes in let his work speak than appearing very often on the television for every little thing.
    Aamir also confirmed that because he is a celebrity his personnel life is always blown out in the media, which he hates but could not avoid it from happening. This answer he gave for the question asked on the recent media story of his brother’s and about his marriage with Kiran Rao
    Aamir khan said that he loves to read ‘Mahabharatha’ and ‘Artha Shastra’ of Chanakya and many more which have a substance in them and also some message.

    If you want to know how good Taare is, just go to your nearest theater and
    watch the people coming out after the show. The cacophony that surrounds a
    crowd exiting a theater will be missing. Some would be walking in slow
    motion. Some would look petrified. At least that’s what happened in the
    theater I went to. Not a single soul was talking after the movie, probably
    because what everyone saw on screen was not fiction, but a semi-biography
    of his/her own life. In fact, the normally rowdiest gang in a theatre (ie
    my friends and I) that is uber vocal at the end of a film left the theater
    in pin drop silence. The first thing we said to each other - ‘Aamir Bhai
    has done it again.’

    So do you think no one in the world can write a review....reconsider your blog...i mean both on your head and the blog you write

  2. Hey anonymous first of all thanks a ton for readin ma post and secondly,its nt like nobody cn write a review for it..Infact I have written a review as such...All i wanted to mean was "Tis is one such movie where u dn hav to read d review to kno how good or bad it is"..Wel yeah i shd have used the word "criticised" instead of "reviewed" though..


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