Thursday, February 21, 2008

Those wonderful days....

Few signs to show how much one misses their school life

You know you miss your school life when:

1)You start visiting your junior's album's in orkut and facebook in the months of february-may to just go back to your memory lane using their pictures of their school memories...

2)You still store you school uniform and gently touch and feel your school days-each thread in your uniform speaking of volumes of your good times-When the intitially-most-booed-uniform turns out into the most-preciously-guarded-possession

3)Your secret cup-board is filled up of little notes written by your friends passed arnd during classes

4)You google search about your school hoping to find somebody writin a blog abt it or sharing a picture or for some alumni site

5)You look at a picture of you with your school friends and silently praying that all of you remain together forever.

6)You feel so happy when someone talks about your school and you could actually understand what they say and even relate to it

7)You cant bear to hear any wrong remarks about your school when you very well know that you yourself did the very same thing once upon a time

8)You look at your school and exclaim-"How much it has changed over the years"-like how grandparents look at their grandchildren and exclaim-"How tall you have grown"

9)You get excited in even seeing your school bathroom

10)You just cant believe others dont miss their school and you actually wonder why people dont understand when you miss yours...

11)You become so crazy and start thinking "Probably even I should start a school and there'll be alumni's meet every sunday and....."

12)You plan so sincerely about constructing a huge bungalow for you and all your friends to live together

13)In a row with your parents,be it any issue,you start cribbing about your wonderful school days

14)You think about your school days and start smiling all of a sudden for no reason

15)You are amidst writing a post abt ur school life and you start thinkin of writing a entire blog on it

Last but not least,when you keep going on with your present life(however disastrous it is)by just deriving the strength from your school times...

*I miss ma school life too much*:`(

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