Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sky high!!!

Recently, my uncle and his family had been to Las Vegas. He had mailed us about his experience.One of their experience completely fascinated me and I decided to share it with you guys too!!

They say a picture speaks thousand words...So,let the pictures speak...

You may wonder...what is so special about all these pictures??

Would you believe it if I say that what you were seeing so far in these pictures is actually artificial sky?


If you still cant believe,look below..Here's a proof that the sky is indeed artificial!!

Hmmm...get suprised all over again!!

What was that?

You have been seeing the pictures of the Venetian hotel situated at Las Vegas.My uncle has been kind enough to update me that thw whole area is of 12 acres consisting of 8 tall buildings which have been totally covered with artificial sky and lighting.Isn't that amazing??


  1. Wow! That's awesome! I must really visit this place once in my lifetime :D

  2. I should have known it when it read Vegas...where do those guys come up with these things?!

  3. fantastic images those. must visit the place atleast once.

  4. @prithz and harish
    Of course u guys shd!!!;)

    Seriously..I shared the same feeling as you!!

    @ karthik B S
    Same pinch


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